Katherine Grant

Level 1 Stylist


What year did you enter the industry?

I entered the industry in 2017.

Why a stylist?

I've always had a passion for health, hair, and beauty in general. I believe this industry inspires confidence, leading to happiness and success.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in cutting and styling.

What is your favorite product combo?

My favorite product combo for curly hair is the be curly style prep and Confixor. Combined with a diffuser, the look achieved is bouncy, frizz free, and flawless. For a smooth and full body look, I love Aveda's Smooth Infusion Glossening Straightener with a bit of Phomollient.

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is the all time classic Dirty Dancing -no explanation needed...Patrick Swayze if you really need one.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road or anything with chocolate on top of chocolate!


Price List

All services are a la carte. Additional charges may apply for extra long/ thick hair, extra color used, and additional styling time.

Haircut $40

Blowout $24

Blowout After Color (No Cut) $19

Base Color (Roots) $50

Gloss $45

Mini Highlight $30

Partial Highlight $45

Full Highlight $60

Partial Balayage $75

Full Balayage $90

5 Minute Add-On $5

10 Minute Add-On $10

30 Minute Add-On $15

Updo $45+

Bridal Updo $55+